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219 kr / appr. 26.00 USD

I bought my Indian 741, when it was a pile of scrap for the uninitiated. And it was far from complete. It consisted of a frame, screens and a motor with a gear box, an additional engine block and empty gearbox housing, a tank in parts and a dented front light. It was perhaps 40% of a full Indian. With time I bought parts and refurbished the engine, tuned it up to 750cc and started assembling it. Now it’s about to be completed.

I am interested in motorcycles and military history so it fitted well with an army Native American; it’s much rarer than a Harley-Davidson WLA and is in my opinion more beautiful and slender. I´ve been searching for images from World War II with the Indian 741, it is hard to find but I have found some pieces, for instance in war archives.

In this book there are examples of both the military and civilian side of the motorcycle, both unpolished warlike and refined civilized. Both Chris Ireland, Lars Nielsen and Jill Shannon are represented in the book with amazing pictures.
This model was made by people that when they were children barely had seen a car, when the horse and carriage was the common means of transport in the streets of Springfield.

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”Om jag nu med några få ord skulle våga beskriva Kerstin Svea Dahléns ordkonst,
så skulle det vara:
det oväntade, det överraskande, det gränslösa och omtumlande…
När hon nu har hon kommit med sin andra diktsamling, Nypomania finns det en
enda sak som man kan vara säker på. Den liknar inte det hon tidigare skrivit, inte
heller är det likt något som någon annan skrivit. Redan titeln gör mig nyfiken och
full av förväntan. Vad är det nu hon har upptäckt i sin nyponbuske? Det som vi
andra inte har lagt märke till? Inte kan se utan hennes hjälp?”

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